Our Mission

We know that property can be a confusing, complicated topic.Created to fill the niche requirements of those looking to purchase dental properties. We heard many of the common frustrations in acquiring dental practices, and learned that the information and quality of bidders on leading property auction websites was not satisfactory. Dentalbidz creates an easy solution for buyer and seller to make an easy, swift transaction.

Buying with DentalbidzSelling with Dentalbidz

Buying with Dentalbidz

We run a thoroughly vetted, quality assured system so that our users can guarantee that they’re bidding against other genuine buyers with intentions of purchasing the property. We confirm the identity and the intentions of buyers before we allow bidding. We implemented the following features to ensure an authentic, auction house experience.

Fill out the registration form

Receive a call to confirm your interest

Your account is now confirmed, and you can begin bidding on properties.

Safeguarding your cash deposit

We safeguard your payments using a client deposit account and the funds will be held in our client deposit account until the exchange of contracts. The holding fee is a fee to secure your winning auction and contributes to our fees. Only once the sale has been completed and the contracts have exchanged we will transfer these funds to our business account. If for any reasons the contracts cannot be exchanged we will return your reservation fee to you without any hassle. (See buyer Terms of Business). For more information please read our Buyer T&C’s and FAQ’s


The anti-sniping tool extends the ending time by another 10 minutes to allow more bids to take place in the final moments of the auction. This is so that both the seller and buyer can take advantage of this feature allowing the seller to get the best price and for the buyer to be given the chance to raise their bids.


Gazumping is when a seller accepts an offer on their property but then agrees to accept a higher offer from a different buyer. On Dentalbidz.co.uk we operate a anti-gazumping policy which means no offers will be accepted outside the auction process. The buyer with the highest bids the dental practice is sold to. (Subject to T&C’s)

Selling With Dentalbidz

Many sellers have invested hundreds of thousands of pounds in their dental practices and its unfair that sellers have to pay a substantial penalty when they sell their practices. At Dentalbidz we have promised that sellers will not be charged any commission for the successful sale of their practice. This means as well as getting the best market value for their practice they also get to keep £1000s in their own pockets!

Register your practice

Get your auction live

Let the bidding start- Practice Sold!

0% Commission

Unlike other auction websites, it’s free to host your property with DentalBidz. The winning bidder pays a comission so you take no risk when posting your property with us. We go through all the necesary paperwork to get your property ready for auction, taking the pressure and worry off you as to whether your auction will sell. Avoid agency fees with Dentalbidz.

Sell to motivated fully vetted buyers

Dentalbidz operates a thorough user vetting procedure to ensure that everyone bidding on your auction has full intention of buying your dental practice. You can ensure with us that all bids come from authentic buyers. It’s our duty to protect you from timewasters and unmotivated buyers.

Sellers set a reserve price

Dentalbidz offers our sellers an chance to set a reserve price, ensuring that they will get the amount they want for their property. Ensuring sellers will not be let down with the price that their practice is sold for, be sure you get the amount that you want with Dentalbidz.